About us

We are a multidisciplinary consultancy office that is specialized in property rights acquisition for the development of electrical and road infrastructure projects.

We enable your projects through:

  • Acquisition of real estate
  • Land leases
  • Owners registry
  • Electrical concessions
  • Mining and water rights studies
  • Public biddings
  • Access permits
  • Voluntary rights of way


We take care of performing all the steps required to acquire rights on real estate, such as:

Proceedings for land access rights with strategic purposes.

It involves title research, background compilation, negotiations and procedures required by the public administration.

Dossier preparation and process proceedings required by SEC, in accordance with the Electric Services General Law and its associated regulation.

It aims at moving project concretion forward, complementing promise to sale agreements.

Background compilation and rights determination affecting property.

Identification of nature and number of real estate in order to propose routes or areas of interest at pre-feasibility level.

Customer support by participating in the background research of the bidding, information gathering and concerns resolution.

Negotiation and production of blueprints and contracts to obtain actual right of way in private and public lands.


Since its creation, Geopas has helped important and diverse companies in the private sector, including construction, real estate and electricity companies and road concessionaires, providing the key support and vision for the evaluation and materialization of related projects. We are experienced in the acquisition of real estate rights throughout the country, both in public and private property.

Some of the projects Geopas has participated in:

  • Rural electrification plan for the commune of Petorca.
  • Santa Marta – Padre Hurtado 110 kV high-voltage power line, Section 2.
  • Expropriations advising services, Américo Vespucio Oriente road project, Section 2.
  • Rural electrification plan for the Quilimarí sector.
  • Levantamiento de terrenos Línea de Transmisión Pichirropulli – Nueva, Puerto Montt.
  • Land survey for the Pichirropulli – New Puerto Montt Transmission Line.


Some companies that has already trusted in our work:

Mapa de Experiencia Visiona


María Isabel Jofré P.

Attorney from the Diego Portales University, with a Diploma in Real Estate Law from SEK International University. Great experience in various areas of real estate law, both in the private sector and in public administration procedures. Vast professional experience in negotiating and achieving agreements through acts and contracts in diverse industries.

Juan Carlos Jofré P.

Industrial Civil Engineer from the University of Chile and Master in Renewable Energies and Environment from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. More than seven years of experience in managing and evaluating renewable energy and electrical transmission and distribution projects, as well as real estate projects. Extensive experience and capacity interacting with state regulators, local administrative body, neighboring communities and landowners; conducting negotiations and performing administrative procedures in the electrical and real estate sectors.

Lorena Rodríguez E.

Attorney from the Diego Portales University, specialized in administration, property and information gathering within the Public Administration. Broad professional career and recognized performance in diverse bodies of the State Public Administration, such as the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism; The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, and SERVIU Metropolitano.


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